SAP programming & development

SAP systems have been designed in such a way that their functionality could be developed at any time and in accordance with the changing needs of users.This can take place during the implementation of the system, when the standard functionalities of individual modules are extended, as well as during further operation, whenever new needs arise as a result of changes in the management processes of the organization. 


Inegration of SAP & third-party solutions

Large organizations almost always use a variety of management support systems from various providers. ERP systems operate alongside specialized software for production planning and control, warehouse management, CRM applications or advanced analytical tools.
To achieve synergy, it is necessary to conduct a thorough integration of the IT systems in the organization. If the core of the company's information environment is the ERP system developed by SAP, it is recommended to use the tools designed by that manufacturer in integration projects.
Our team has been implementing such projects for many years and we are able to design and develop optimal solutions in terms of cost, performance and scalability that will ensure seamless communication of all of your company’s systems.


SAP consulting services

In addition to programming, our team can also provide consulting and support services for the users of the SAP system modules supporting management of such areas as: Finance and Controlling (FI/CO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Production Planning (PP), Materials Management (MM).
As part of this type of projects, our consultants participate in all stages of implementation of selected modules: from designing business process models from a given management area, through their subsequent implementation in the system, to user training or subsequent migrations to newer versions of SAP software.
In addition, we can support your company in operations aimed at adapting the system to changes in legal regulations, e.g. in the area of taxation, financial reporting, social and health insurance and other. 
Another and equally important area of our competence is the administration and technical maintenance of SAP systems. Either independently or in cooperation with your specialists, we can carry out all tasks related to the production, development and testing environments of SAP systems.


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