The "White List" of VAT taxpayers in SAP. A new service package.


The "White List" of VAT taxpayers in SAP. A new service package.

We are introducing a modification of our offer regarding the "White List". From now on, verification of active VAT taxpayers has no quantitative limits in your SAP ECC or S/4HANA!

The White List in SAP.  Basic information.

Verification of active VAT taxpayers has been possible for several years, e.g. through a special API connecting the SAP system with databases at the Ministry of Finance. We are currently expanding the list of our solutions with a tool recommended by the SAP corporation. The solution is based on the so-called OSS notes concerning the White List and ABAP programming. Communication between SAP and the system is carried out through an RFC connection, and the source data in the form of a flat file (about 200 MB of compressed data) is downloaded to the SAP server where it is decompressed and then uploaded to the target tables of the ERP system. Upon completion of the implementation work, it will be possible to validate bank accounts of business partners with a Polish Tax Identification Number during the following processes:

  • Creation / change of a business partner
  • Mass check of a business partner / vendor / customer
  • Posting / change of an FI document (validation can be performed only if the partner's bank type is maintained at the document level)
  • Automated Payments – a Proposal and Payment run, the White List validation can stop the Proposal/Payment run.

In addition, our solution will also allow you to verify the counterparty in the REGON database and in the VIES databases containing information on European VAT taxpayers. The last and optional element of our offer in this area is the extension of the SAP system functionality with automatic retrieval of exchange rates from the National Bank of Poland.


In the case of our "White List in SAP" package, the full list of system extensions includes the following processes:

  • Verification of the White List at the stage of outgoing payments
  • Verification of the White List at the stage of setting up a counterparty
  • Verification of the White List at the stage of the JPK run
  • Verification of the REGON database
  • Integration with the NBP (automatic retrieval of currency exchange rates).

Time to implement the package for one company code at SAP ECC or S/4HANA: from 10 working days. The final duration of the work depends on the current situation in the ERP system (SAP version, upgrade status, number of company codes, number of users, etc.), and on the time of implementation. The exact costing will be done after the pre-implementation analysis phase and the development of the solution model).



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