System integration at SPAR Poland


System integration at SPAR Poland

The Polish branch of the SPAR chain joins the group of our clients. Our task is to integrate the S/4HANA system with the software of SPAR Poland business partners.

SPAR Sp. z o.o. is the Polish branch of The SPAR Group Ltd., an international corporation listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and operating a chain of retail stores. In the 1960s, the company became the exclusive master franchisor of SPAR in South Africa. Today, The SPAR Group Ltd. also operates in 5 other African countries, Ireland, southwest England, Switzerland and Sri Lanka. In Poland, the company has several hundred outlets with the SPAR logo and offers customers everything they need for their daily shopping.

The contract between BTech and SPAR covers the wide-ranging integration of the central ERP system used by the Polish branch of SPAR with the software operating at the main suppliers and at individual retail outlets of the Polish chain. The main task of our team is to create a number of interfaces connecting the S/4HANA system with the IT systems of selected suppliers of SPAR stores and the cash register and warehouse software used in them. Data exchange between the main elements of the target architecture will take place via the so-called SAP PO integration bus.
The overarching goals of the project include: optimization of inventory management processes in the distribution centers of the Polish branch of SPAR and on the shelves of stores of this chain, a faster flow of orders and sales volume data, as well as improved management of sales promotions run at the local and national level.

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