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Division of company

In accordance with the Code of Commercial Patrnerships and Companies (KSH), the Management of BTech Company based in Wrocław prenotifies about the division of the foregoing copartnership into two business entities: BTech Sp. z o. o., which is supposed to continue providing IT services and a new entity, which is ultimately planned be named BTech Real Estate Sp. z o. o. and is going to deal with real estate business rental properties.The estimated date of the accomplishment of the division process is June 30th, 2019. The detailed blueprint of the division process is available below (the enclosures are available for inspection at the business office)



Split Payment in SAP

On July 1, 2018, a new legal regulation, called the Split Payment (in Polish “Mechanizm Podzielonej Płatności – MPP”), has been introduced in Poland.How it affects your ERP?


Split payment - SAP position

As of 1 July 2018, the Split Payment mechanism (split VAT payment) will become effective in Poland. Its use is voluntary, however, if one of the company’s contractors starts to use it, it becomes obligatory for both parties. In such a situation, the buyer pays the net value to the supplier's bank account for each transaction (goods/services) and the VAT amount is credited to a separate VAT account belonging to the supplier, which is also inspected by the tax authorities.


9th European Economic Congress in Katowice

On May 10, 2017, we took part in the 9th European Economic Congress in Katowice. More than 10,000 guests were invited, including us as BTech Team. While attending interesting panel discussions, we could learn a lot about modern IT applications in the global economy. Every year, this event attracts thousands of Polish and foreign visitors. In networking, we met people who want to promote and implement SAP solutions in companies.


BTech on Career Paths of SAP!

Koło Naukowe SAPer

We do realise that it is not easy to set up a coherent career path for young people. We know the IT market and we are aware of the problems which people starting their adventure in the world of SAP technology may face. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with others.


BTech at SAP CodeJam SAPUI5!

The world of SAP technology does not stand still. Lately we can see that the German company introduces more and more fundamental changes in its approach to software development. Many of these innovations represent a complete overhaul of the existing basis of the software that is developed by the experts from Waldorf. To keep our team up to date with innovations in the industry, we have again participated in the workshop SAP Code Jam hosted by SAP.


BTech at SAP Inside Track Wrocław 2016!

Many years of experience on the IT market has taught us just how important it is to constantly improve our qualifications. We do not want to be passive towards the novelties emerging in the trade. We are constantly looking for inspirations and innovations, therefore our team actively takes part in events addressing SAP technologies. One of them is the SAP Inside Track, which is a cycle of trade meetings aiming to bring the interested attendees closer to new technologies and trends from the SAP world.


BTech at SAP CodeJam HANA XSA!

It is generally known that the theoretical knowledge is crucial in the IT industry, however, it is often the case that the role of practice is neglected. Fortunately, our team is competent in both areas. We are aware that the SAP world does not stand in one place. It constantly changes in front of our eyes. There is not a single month without information emerging about new solutions, trends and applications. Our team responds to those novelties by actively taking part in series of trainings and workshops. SAP CodeJam is one of them.


New Year - New Website

New Year and with it new goals, opportunities, plans ... We start this year with the new website, which was done for us by Ratioweb. We hope that this breath of fresh air will bring a lot of good.


BTech at SAP Inside Track Wrocław 2015!

The society has been trying to develop in many walks of life for ages. We are talking about the evolution of mankind, expansion of a given country, economic or social transformations, etc. Without any doubt in the XXI century the technological advancement leads the list, which also translates to the development of the IT industry professionals. Our team is not staying behind and constantly updates knowledge and qualifications of its members. We are aware just how much changes, for instance in the SAP technology. The world is not standing still, but is constantly racing forward. This is why we take part in various industry-related events. SAP Inside Track is one of them.


BTech as a part of the SAP Meetup community in Wrocław.

Our company is aware how the community of users and creators is an important part of any significant technology. We are convinced that apart from familiarizing oneself with new technological structures, it is also important to meet new people and share with them the knowledge already at hand. We successively apply this assumption by taking part in the series of the Wrocław SAP Meetup group meetings.


Training Center Club is our business partner

eTCC or Training Center Club became the new business partner of BTech. They are engaged in the training courses, among others, from practice use of the SAP system in finance and accounting. Their abbreviated offer is available on our subpage Partners.