SAP Programming & Development

SAP Programming & Development

We are a team of experienced consultants and developers specializing in the implementation and development of the SAP system.

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Solutions for SAP environment


Extensions of standard SAP functionalities, FIORI applications, system integration

Split Payment in SAP

Split Payment in SAP

Customize your SAP to legal regulations



Our mission and values

For us the most important is a customer satisfaction. We know how to achieve it by an efficient, transparent communication and a support after implementation. We focus on continuous development.

What makes the difference?

Our consultants have years of experience. We perform our services professionally and in such a way that customer can take further work immediately after completing a given stage of implementation.

How we work?

We focus on technical services such as programming in all modules of SAP and SAP PI/XI/PO, SAP WF, Fiori. According to clients needs we use various project methodologies: e.g.: AcceleratedSAP, Prince2, Scrum.


  • Programming services ABAP/4
  • Programming SAP PI/XI/PO, SAP WF, Fiori
  • BAPI, BADI, EDI, IDOC interface
  • Development of SAP Script forms and the Smartforms
  • SAP consulting and project management
  • Mobile Services, SAP UI5/Fiori

Why BTech?

  • Developers with years of experience in SAP
  • Consultants practitioners
  • Certificates SAP confirming our knowledge
  • Experience in working for big companies
  • Commitment and professionalism
  • Openness to customer

Our strengths


We appreciate our customer's time. Our services are made at the best use of it.

Openness to the customer

Contact with the customer is the basis for building relationships and operational efficiency.


Our services are always provided with the utmost care and professionalism.


Developers and consultants have from a few to several years of experience in SAP.


We focus on continuous development, we use the most modern methods and technologies.


Our consultants and developers gain experience in Polish and international companies.



Division of company

In accordance with the Code of Commercial Patrnerships and Companies (KSH), the Management of BTech Company based in Wrocław prenotifies about the division of the foregoing copartnership into two business entities: BTech Sp. z o. o., which is supposed to continue providing IT services and a new entity, which is ultimately planned be named BTech Real Estate Sp. z o. o. and is going to deal with real estate business rental properties.The estimated date of the accomplishment of the division process is June 30th, 2019. The detailed blueprint of the division process is available below (the enclosures are available for inspection at the business office)



Split Payment in SAP

On July 1, 2018, a new legal regulation, called the Split Payment (in Polish “Mechanizm Podzielonej Płatności – MPP”), has been introduced in Poland.How it affects your ERP?


Split payment - SAP position

As of 1 July 2018, the Split Payment mechanism (split VAT payment) will become effective in Poland. Its use is voluntary, however, if one of the company’s contractors starts to use it, it becomes obligatory for both parties. In such a situation, the buyer pays the net value to the supplier's bank account for each transaction (goods/services) and the VAT amount is credited to a separate VAT account belonging to the supplier, which is also inspected by the tax authorities.