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Der Fusionsplan für BTech und KBJ ist bereit

Fusionsplan der Unternehmen: KBJ S.A. mit Sitz in Warschau und BTech Sp. z o.o. mit Sitz in Wrocław.


Division of company

In accordance with the Code of Commercial Patrnerships and Companies (KSH), the Management of BTech Company based in Wrocław prenotifies about the division of the foregoing copartnership into two business entities: BTech Sp. z o. o., which is supposed to continue providing IT services and a new entity, which is ultimately planned be named BTech Real Estate Sp. z o. o. and is going to deal with real estate business rental properties.The estimated date of the accomplishment of the division process is June 30th, 2019. The detailed blueprint of the division process is available below (the enclosures are available for inspection at the business office)